Adapt, But Never Abandon…

In my book, The Brand Within, I say “At FUBU, we’re not the same company we were when we just started out”. It’s true. FUBU isn’t even the same company it was when I wrote that sentence a year ago. There isn’t a successful company out there that can go without adapting. The important thing to establish is a significant connection through each stage of your company’s transformation. Changing it up and rebranding is absolutely necessary, but you never want to abandon the followers of your previous image.

Always make sure that there is a lifeline connecting your previous self with your current self. That way you never leave the customer feeling deserted. The best musicians still perform the songs that made them famous, the great actors of our time always acknowledge the importance of their early roles, and the smart tech companies know not to leave the early adopters in the dust for the sake of product advancement. Incorporate the user, never discard them.

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