Shark Bites – Week of March 17, 2011

We get interesting information everyday from reading articles in newspapers, blogs, company websites and even from conversations we overhear or have ourselves. Shark Bits is an entry post where I share my thoughts on recent articles, events and conversations. Indulge yourselves with new information.. you’ll find that a bit of information a day will go a long way.

Goodbye Adobe Flash, Hello HTML5

HTML5 is the Internet’s savior, as it allows us to navigate through the Internet seamlessly without having to deal with the hassle of downloading something in order to view something else. Google, Microsoft, and other browser makers are strong supporters of the HTML5. It enables a more elegant online experience with the web in relations to audio, video and multimedia. Instead of being prompt with a message to download the Adobe Flash player every time you need to see something that has a little animation, browsers will be able to enjoy the true depth of the Internet with HTML5.

When Apple banned Flash from its iPad and iPhone devices because of its responsibility for crashes on the Internet browsers, the dispute between Apple and Flash didn’t go unnoticed.  According to a recent FastCompany article, the VP of Mozilla Jay Sullivan says we’re escaping this “plug-in prison.” When Apple recognized this they immediately took action in fighting for what’s more favorable for them and their consumers. And now look at Adobe Flash and its direction downhill. What I’m wondering is, it seems as though Apple has just that much of an impact on forthcoming technology; do you think Steve Jobs imposes a great influence on today’s technology?

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Chrysler’s Looking for a New Twitterer

Chrysler decided to split with New Media Strategies and not renew their contract with the agency when an employee dropped the F-Bomb on a tweet from Chrysler’s Twitter account. One of the agency’s staff tweeted from@ChryslerAutos account, “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one knows how to fucking drive.” Apparently the employee thought that he or she was logged on his or her private Twitter account rather than Chrysler’s account. After the tweet went out, it was quickly deleted, but a handful of Chrysler followers had already retweeted the post and the remark had already dispersed into blogs.

With having Twitter and Facebook as accessible and reliable to brands and consumers alike, what seems to be an advantage for companies using the social tool media can also take a wrongful turn when their accounts are moderated by the wrong agency and/or person. With so many brands of my own, this is always my fear! Who should you hold responsible for your brand other than yourself, if anyone?

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What Goes Into Marketing?

With Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes 100th Anniversary this year, the Cereal Box Bank attached with the grrrreat Tony the Tiger commemorating its 100th year sold out on Amazon. Interesting fact is along with Tony the Tiger, other candidates that competed with the mascot to be on the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes box were Katy the Kangaroo, Elmo the Elephant, Newt the Gnu and Frosty the Frog. I would have definitely loved the frog! In fact, two finalists made it to the store shelves: Katy the Kangaroo and Tony the Tiger. Katy the Kangaroo died out quickly when the tiger exceeded sales by a significant amount.

The importance of branding is apparent here, but do companies put too much focus on the perfect mascot? Many do. Don’t forget that it was after a substantial amount advertising time through various media channels, people embraced Tony the Tiger and brought him home. Keep in mind that it’s how an advertising agency embeds the mascot (the brand) into the minds of the consumers and not just an image of the brand.

Here’s both of the cereal boxes from back in the day.
Which one would you have brought home with you and why?

Go ahead, take a stand. The outcome may not always appease you, but if enough people agree with you, or Katy’s in this case, who knows just how ‘hip’ she would have been!


Believe it or not, your opinion really matters. Let’s take Starbucks’ logo change for an example. A great deal of research was put into the logo even after Starbucks implemented the change. A friend of mine, Dan Weber at iTracks, shared with me the results of his research. As expected, there were those who hated it, many who loved it, and those who were able to give them more in-depth feedback. The customers’ responses reinforced that the change for Starbucks was good thing because it wasn’t too drastic of a difference from its original logo, and that it showed Starbucks’ position as being more than just a coffee supplier.

So what goes into marketing besides having the right mascot or creating a logo? Extensive research.

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Abuela’s Community vs. The Evolved Latino Community

The 2010 Census results show that Latinos make up 18% of U.S. population. With that said, advertising dollars are spent on Spanish-dominant Latinos who still watch TV Spanish-language networks, yet very little marketing has been directed toward the evolved Latino mindset who were born here and are more sophisticated with the advancements provided in our country today. Hispanics are quickly becoming the mainstream; therefore business executives will need to act on their target market immediately to gain their loyalty early.

8 7 7 3 9 3 4.. 4.. 4.. 8 ! Did you hear the jingle as you were reading the digits along this post? Optimum Triple Play was the first thing that came to my mind when I was updated by the significant increase of Latinos in the country and how our strategy should be to market to them. The thing about Optimum Triple Play is that they were able to hit every aspect of marketing: they used a jingle that can be categorized in reggaeton–a genre of music that a lot of Hispanics listen to, they include beautiful Latinas to distinguish the voice of the phone number in the song, and they’re advertising the Optimum Triple Play, which is the High Speed Internet (1), Digital Cable TV (2) and Digital Phone Service (3). The Optimum Triple Play consists of advanced technology characteristics that target the “evolved Latinos” in our country today. Can you think of another brand that got a head-start at the game?

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Wieden + Kennedy ‘Help Japan’ Poster

The natural disasters of an earthquake that rated 8.9 on the Richter Scale and a catastrophic tsunami and killed thousands of people in Japan. As an initiative to take action, people all over the world are lending out a helping hand. Upon looking through creative ads, I found this ‘Help Japan’ poster created by Wieden + Kennedy. It’s beautiful; it’s simplistic, yet attention-grabbing. The simple ad of the Japan’s flag and the invert of the red cross in the middle speaks volumes of the incident alone.

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