Shark Bites – Week of March 21, 2011

We get interesting information everyday from reading articles in newspapers, blogs, company websites and even from conversations we overhear or have ourselves. Shark Bits is an entry post where I share my thoughts on recent articles, events and conversations. Indulge yourselves with new information.. you’ll find that a bit of information a day will go a long way.


Stay On Top of the Game

With the annual Toy Fair in New York City, Brandweek lists the Top 5 trends in toys out of 1000+.  Although these toys are intended to target the eyes of children, don’t you find them appealing, as well? The robot looks like it could be made for adults who like to collect mechanical insects. The hand is freakishly cool, the farm makes you feel like you can run your own farmhouse, and the Monopoly board game almost looks like it’s made for adults!

Out of the 1000+ toys that were in the trade fair, why do you think these toys made it the top five trends? Part of the reason why certain products stay a success is because they would adapt itself to the changing environment/situation.

We can take Monopoly for an example. How is Monopoly able to sustain its position as a “trending toy” for over so many years? The answer is simple–Monopoly kept the rules of the game, but changed its theme overtime to flow seamlessly with change of interests. Throughout the years, Monopoly has released multiple versions with themes, like a “Spongebob Squarepants Edition” when Spongebob was in its glory days, and a “Luxury Edition,” for those who simply could afford it and get the extra fancy stuff.  Its absence in resistance to change is what kept them to stay on top of the game.

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Calling All Cards, Calling All Cards! … via SMS Text?


Blinx and Hashable are two apps that are contributing to alter the paper industry involving calling cards. The apps function like a calling card in such a way that it enables people to exchange information [that is usually printed on a card] with one another.

With the eco-friendly movement and rapid innovation in technology, these apps may just end up being the mainstream thing. It beats having to waste time typing in your name, phone number, address and business occupation in a text message or an e-mail; instead the apps would send a quick SMS text to the receiver with all the info. However, I do prefer having an actual calling card in hand. (I even spent some time about calling cards in The Brand Within). There’s just more depth in receiving a calling card. Its tangible appearance shows that there you put in extra work into designing your own card to represent you, as a brand.

Do you think this new way of exchanging information is just another means of resorting to convenience?

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In recent news, YouTube has acquired Next New Networks, a Web video production company. This acquirement means that YouTube will start to produce professional content and be create its own programming channel like its competitors Hulu and NetFlix. This is pretty exciting because we the homemade videos start to look a bit tiresome.

I’m hoping that this investment will enhance my YouTube account as well as everyone else’s.

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[]  iPhone for AT&T
[]  iPhone for Verizon
[?]   iPhone for T-Mobile

Interestingly enough, Apple has definitely created a kryptonite for its users and non-users, alike—the iPhone. Have you noticed that because of the iPhone, T-Mobile users who itched for the product cancelled their service with T-Mobile just to have an iPhone with AT&T, and then once Verizon made the iPhone available in their network, Verizon customers would wait out their contracts to upgrade to the iPhone? Out of frustration with the massive number of dropped calls on AT&T, AT&T customers ran over to Verizon—all just so they can have an iPhone.

After the recent, alerting news that AT&T bought out T-Mobile for $39 billion, a lot of concerns were raised… about the iPhone, of course. Twitter’s timeline was feeding with retweets of the news update and I couldn’t believe how many different ways “does this mean T-Mobile users can use the iPhone?” could be asked! It’s as if we all need the iPhone to to determine a cell phone company’s success. 

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‘Custom’ Anything is Always a Good Idea!

The makeshift of E-Book covers is a phenomenon! Just when you thought your selection was limited, M-Edge makes it even more desirable for E-Book users to protect their device by providing an option to design your own cover for your Kindle, iPad, or Nook.

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