Shark Bites – Week of May 9, 2011

We get interesting information everyday from reading articles in newspapers, blogs, company websites and even from conversations we overhear or have ourselves. Shark Bits is an entry post where I share my thoughts on recent articles, events and conversations. Feel free to comment at the very bottom of each post while indulging yourselves with new information.. you’ll find that a bit of information a day will go a long way.

Google: The Web Is What You Make of It

Google resorts to TV commercials in order to promote its Chrome Browser. The campaign, called “the Web is what you make of it,” focuses on capturing its potential customers with the capabilities that Google Chrome provides and uses an emotional technique like to win our hearts. One ad is called “Dear Sophie,” and the commercial walks you through the Google life of a father creating a scrapbook for his daughter through Gmail.

» Read the full article on AdWeek here

Pandora Pleasantry

It is undeniable that Pandora has changed the way the world listens to music with its capability to cater to the individual that’s logged in on their website. You’re probably thinking this is old news to many, so why am I posting it up on Shark Bits? Because The New York Times presented great new news about Pandora expanding its engine to also suggest comedians. You can type in a comedian you like, and then an archive audio playlist of similar to your liking would stream along the audio.

People’s taste in humor vary, ranging from practical jokes, to wisecracks, to banter, to parodies, to dark humor, so on and so forth. And just like the way music can be a factor to happiness, a little laughter here and there can be another addition. Thank you Pandora! You’ve saved me some time from listening to a lineup of unwanted comedians!

Do you plan on using this new feature? Do you have other ideas for future Pandora features?

» Read the full article in the New York Times

Beatboxing and the New Volkswagen Polo GTI

Ad officials are thinking inside the box… beatbox, that is. This digital ad campaign for the new Volkswagen Polo GTI incorporates a talented Beatboxer, Dharni from Singapore, who beatboxes through the commercial, mimicking the sounds of the car with a hip-hop feel.

The Japanese Invent French Kissing

Something about the headline seems odd, but I couldn’t think of another headline! Now this is noteworthy news: the Japanese lab invented a device so that you can “French Kiss” someone over the internet. The way it works is that one person is supposed to wiggle his/her tongue on one end and then the person on the other end receives the wiggle action! This sounds rather amusing at first, but who know how it might actually improve long-distance relationships! Perhaps after this invention goes viral, we can collect some data and see some statistics in long-distance relationship success.

Would you try this or find this invention helpful if you were in a long-distance relationship, or has technology gone too far with this one?

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A GPS That Helps You Stay Fuel Efficient

Just when you think that your GPS is saving you gas by showing you the quickest route to get somewhere, providing you with the fastest route isn’t the only factor needed to save gas. Now there is a GPS in the works created by Green GPS that gives you the route that will keep you going at your car’s optimal speed.The project was funded by IBM and the National Academy of Sciences are both funders of the project. Thus far, the system has reduced gas use by 13% over cars that took the GPS-recommended fastest route in a test.
I’m sure many people will jump on this the moment it’s made available to the rest of the world.

» Read the full article here on FastCompany

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