Proud to be Honored by WIBO

I am often asked for advice about how to start or grow a business. It is one of the questions that I enjoy answering the most. Not because I have the right answers (although I usually do), but because it often allows me to interact with a person or group in the infancy stages of their business during a time when they are most excited and fearless.

This excitement and fearlessness is typically replaced with frustration, anguish and financial strains as the rigors of running a business begin to take their toll. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that just having the idea is never enough. One must have solid business skills and understand how to meticulously execute that idea to win as an entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t have access to the resources needed to grow and build their businesses. Commitment to your vision may be enough in the beginning stages. However, at some point you are going to have to play the role of accountant, marketing guru and product devloper among others and this is where the trouble lies for most. Fortunately, there are services and resources to help business owners.

Next month, I’m being honored by WIBO, one of the oldest organizations supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in New York City. WIBO has made it their mission to provide the kind of assistance that every small business needs during during those lean times. They provide a 16-week workshop focused on helping people to run successful and profitable businesses.

While I wish I had known about WIBO when I started FUBU, I am happy to know that such an organization exists and focuses on helping those in New Yorks inner city communities.

If you’re in New York, come celebrate with me as I accept the 2011 WIBO Spirit award on June 9th. You can purchase tickets at It will be an opportunity to meet business professionals and other entrepreneurs. And, if youre thinking of starting a business you can learn more about WIBO.

Let me know if you plan on attending!


Updated June 10th, 2011–

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