Me with Mark and the Mavericks

Before I confuse anybody into thinking I was actually on the court, the title of this blog entry is only a caption to the picture below of Mark (and the Mavericks team in him).

Once again, let us collectively congratulate the Dallas Mavericks for their deserving title last night at the 2011 NBA Championship! A proud shout out goes out to my buddy Mark Cuban for setting an ideal example of how to lead a team to success. I’m glad I got to be there to see it all!

Now, I’m not a huge sports fan, but I know that every team in the NBA is an organization within an organization. Similar to all companies in business, every individual in the group should matter, as each should be able to bring something [of value] to the table.

This year’s NBA Finals reinforce the successful results that come out of coming together as a team.

Congratulations Mavs!

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