Flashback Fridays!

I caught myself reflecting on previous achievements in my life as I move forward with more of my life’s accomplishments. Randomly, I decided to open up my FUBU vault and thought to myself, “Archived?! These pictures were just the beginning!”

Yesterday I posted a tweet on Twitter (synced to my Facebook) and attached a famous quote to what I had been doing. Got plenty of positive responses (and of course, retweets):

Because of this, I’m going to pick out a couple of pictures from my FUBU days and let you in on some of my memories. #FF to me, is #Flashback Fridays.

FUBU in the ring! (On the undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis) The 90's was a great time for the culture of hip-hop. Along with a new look came a new sound! It's fitting that the mighty DR DRE, hip-hop’s greatest producer of all time, would wear and be influenced by FUBU while creating his legendary tracks.  In return, when designing the line we were often listened to Dr Dre’s work and it would play a great influence on the magic we created as well! Thank you DRE... You are still the best! Madison Square Garden is one of the most famous building in the world! FUBU was definitely proud to be there! As we always say. "Before they did it all! FUBU did it first." See you next Friday with another fun post! Tia and Tamara as lil girls visiting FUBU showroom as most stars had 2 when they touched down in NY. I'm proud to see them with a new show and a new addition to the family! Congrats ladies! You deserve it!! Every designers' dream is to be in the MACY*S Windows 34th street. FUBU got this opportunity 7 times!


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