Shark Bites – Week of August 1, 2011

We get interesting information everyday from reading articles in newspapers, blogs, company websites and even from conversations we overhear or have ourselves. Shark Bits is an entry post where I share my thoughts on recent articles, events and conversations. Feel free to comment at the very bottom of each post while indulging yourselves with new information.. you’ll find that a bit of information a day will go a long way.

Apple America

Just when you think that it’s unlikely President Barack Obama is looking to ask the founder and CEO of Apple, Inc. for a loan, it became a fact as of Thursday afternoon.
The U.S. Treasury Department reportedly said that Washington has an operating balance of $73.768 billion while Apple boasts a cash reserve of $75.876 billion on its balance sheet; the company’s numbers show just how powerful the company has become since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. How many of you own an iPhone? If you don’t own one, do you own an Apple product? If so, which one?

» Read the full article on The Financial Post

Pudding Pleasure

JELL-O Pudding is monitoring tweets to find out who’s happy or sad by tracking smiley/frowny faces on Twitter to determine the overall mood in America.

The 19 year old brand installed a mood meter on its website to measure the results. When the rating is low, Jell-O sends out free pudding to the frowners, via the Twitter account @JelloMoodMeter, to bring “our collective mood right back up again.”

I wonder if the mood meter can detect this :( on my website. Where’s my pudding?? :)

» Read the full article on Social Times

MasterCard Campaign for a Yankee Game

20 seats that continue to exist from the demolished original Yankee Stadium are scattered throughout New York City. People who scan the QR code and check-in on their Facebook are entered to win VIP tickets to a 2011 Yankee game.

The initiative aims to differentiate MasterCard by offering consumers one-of-a-kind experiences. New York is the first city spotlighted in the MasterCard Priceless Cities program that will run for a month; seats will be placed at locations like Murray’s Bagels and the New York Stock Exchange!

» Read the full article on Mashable

ABC Network No.1 Spot

It is only appropriate to talk about Shark Tank and how ABC has won the Friday night ratings because of the true fans that are glued to the show. Not only am I sharing the strong audience number of 4.11 million who watch the repeats, but I also want to thank you for doing so!

Are you ready for our 3rd season?!

» Read the full article here on DigitalSpy

VitaminWater Plug-Ins

As part of VitaminWater‘s new “You’re Up” campaign, certain bus stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston include a 5-volt battery-powered USB ports that allow commuters to plug in while they wait.

With TwitPic and Facebook sharing, this can be pretty neat! Because it’s the first powerup via billboard, you’ll want to brag to your friends of this experience.

So what do you do?

You’ll charge your phone, have enough life in it to take a picture of your cellphone plugged into the advertisement, and what do you have? Vitamin Water displayed all over the internet. Smart move!

» Read the full article on the Huffington Post

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