Live, Laugh, Love.. The Spartan Way!

It’s amazing just how much laughter pets bring into your life! What’s even more entertaining is the look of understanding they give you when you do/say something to them. Whether or not they truly understand or it’s mere reactionary coincidence, I can’t help but laugh over it. I decided to record an incident with Spartan to show you what made my day!

Here’s the story:

I was looking around for my shoes when I realized that Spartan might have relocated my shoe, like he usually does, so I ducked down to look for it under my bed and said to myself, “That damn Spartan!”

Hearing him creepily move along on my bed, I looked up to see that he’s looking down at me with a look of “What the F–?!”

I guess I woke him up when I said his name and just chuckled to myself because of the look he actually gave me! We had a little staring contest, until he barked “Don’t ever do that again!” (Or at least, that’s what I was able to make out of it).

Then I realized, “Is he really barking at me?!” so I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and barked back at him!

I thought, “That’ll do it.”

And it sure did. Spartan is the best! Just the fact that he actually took a step back and peeped over cracked me up!

What brings you laughter?

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