Every Dog Has Its Day

It has been two months since I had written a post about Spartan. You can imagine who has been pissed at me for the past two months … that’s right, Blake. Blake has been pissed at me for not having a blog post dedicated to him, so my attempt to make things right for the New Year I’ve written a post about him, for him…

This is Blake.

He’s cute little guy, isn’t he? Don’t let this face fool you, though. As cute as  he is, Blake is a little thug. He constantly gets himself into trouble just to get a little attention. (He’s smart enough to get that all figured out). He would do random things to gain attention, but this time, he went a little overboard resulting in something he wasn’t expecting–I just have to share the story…

Blake loves running himself into dirt. He does this so that I can pick him up and brush him down. Sometimes I think he just enjoys getting dirty. At times I assume it’s because he loves the feeling of getting brushed once he’s out of it. What ever the case may be, any attention to him is deeply appreciated.

After dipping himself into dirt, he walked towards me scratching himself relentlessly. What he did for a simple brush and attention resulted in something he didn’t expect … the dirt mound he chose to run into this time around was infested with fleas.

To his dismay upon coming to me for a brush, I had the clippers out waiting to start giving him his haircut. (The worst part is Blake hates the buzzing sound from clippers).

… then he had to take a bath ….

(Blake has had better days)

… and get the annoying towel rub.

(Just look at how annoyed he looks)

Just when I thought his desire for attention bit him in the ass, he got just what he wanted … his behavior was all for a good ol’fashion blowdry, which is his favorite part…

The cool thing about Blake is that he’s just like his father: he would go through a little pain for gain. As the saying goes, “Every dog has its day” and I guess this story refers to a dog, literally!

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