You’ve Always Been Good to Me, Hip-Hop

I am dedicating my Valentine’s Day post to talk about what it’s like to truly love someone/something.. in my case, I’m talking about being in love with something, with what you do.

The results of being in love with what you do will make you feel like you’re living a dream … I got to experience this surreal moment on New Year’s Day.

That entire week of New Year’s was spent in Miami because I had been hosting events. My friends, who happened to also be in Miami with me, insisted that we party into 2012 to continue to have a good time. By that time you can imagine just how drained I was when the time came to party. But it’s no secret that I work hard and play even harder, so I decided to show them the town the only way I know how—Shark style!!

My friends are out-of-towners consisting of a great mixture of some really cool Asian and white business associates. Since they don’t get to Miami often, I decided to take them to what many consider the hottest club in the world! CLUB LIV.

CLUB LIV is the type of club where you just never know who you’ll run into there… but that night was different. Sunday night Hip-Hop at CLUB LIV turned into legendary hip-hop night. This time it wasn’t about guessing who you will see, it was figuring out who did you not see! One of my friends noticed that Diddy, Nelly, Nas, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida and Cee-Lo casually walked by him all in a blink of an eye—these artists weren’t getting paid to be there either! The point is, forget the fact that I know these artists; these are creative influencers of our time all hanging out and having a good time.

The culture of hip-hop has been so good to me and many others. All the while I stood there reflecting on my own life with Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Imagine” playing in my mind… I started to think about how blessed I am with the way my career continues to take me to new heights; I have the luxury of working with these amazing people on a daily basis (keyword “work”). I am at the point where I now find myself in some of the top boardrooms negotiating and consulting with some of the biggest individuals, brands and corporations in the world—yet it all started because I am a product of Hip-Hop, something I love.

Take a look at what went down that night:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius

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