What Do People Want?

I’ve been getting in the routine of highlighting some news out there into a ‘Shark Bites’ posts weekly so that those who have very little time to spare to take advantage of resources out there can try to use it to read five articles in one shot just to get some kind of information that can be advantageous to them. I even put out a blog recommending books for the summer… but neither one of these received as much as a feedback as this Facebook post did:

Now I may not get as many responses here on this blog because it seems like plenty have already expressed their opinions on my Facebook post when I posted it up two days ago. And although a lot of the agreements sounded like a gospel choir (you can’t see it on this picture, but there were plenty of ‘Amen’s),  their responses show that there’s one thing people want that is important to businesses and other individuals, alike.

Businesses, small and large, as well as individuals, are always trying to figure out what is the best way to upsell–let alone, make a sale–with their customers. Sometimes the secret ingredient to what people want is the most obvious thing; immediately, the amount of engagement this post produced showed me that people value honesty more than anything one can offer. This only reinforces the notion that the truth is the easiest thing to sell.

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