Shark Bites – Week of April 7, 2014

We get interesting information everyday from reading articles in newspapers, blogs, company websites and even from conversations we overhear or have ourselves. Shark Bites is an entry post where I share recent articles, events and conversations with you. Feel free to comment at the very bottom of each post while indulging yourselves with new information. You’ll find that a bit of information a day will go a long way.

Twitter’s New Profiles: Everything You Need to Know

The rumors and feature teases are true: New Twitter profiles are here, with a brand-new, yet oddly familiar, look. The new design is rolling out slowly, unless you’re a celebrity or a new user. And it may represent a real turning point.

Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who’s Responsible for What?

It’s no secret that the face of public relations has changed in a major way since the advent of social media, which typically falls under the larger umbrella of general marketing. So who is responsible for what? When does the PR team handle social? Does your business need a separate social media division? What’s a growing business to do?

To sort through the confusion, we’ve talked to a few experts to get their opinions and advice on the matter.

Forget wearable tech, embeddable implants are already here

Smartphone mapping features are great for getting directions, until you lose signal. But you could avoid getting lost in the woods with a guiding system embedded in your body.

Google Checks In to the Hotel Business

Google is adding more photos and reviews to its hotel listings, so they increasingly resemble those of travel search sites such as Priceline Group Inc., Expedia Inc., and TripAdvisor Inc. And it is more aggressively promoting its “hotel-price ads” that post room rates directly as travel-search sites do.

Bitcoin Owners: There’s Now a Bitcoin-to-Cash ATM Card

Enter the game-changing Cryptex card, which bills itself as the world’s first prepaid Bitcoin ATM card.

The card, which was announced yesterday at the Inside Bitcoins conference in New York City, aims to make it easier and faster for Bitcoiners to convert their cryptocoins into local currency — and, more importantly, spend it.


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