Shark Bites – Week of April 14, 2014

We get interesting information everyday from reading articles in newspapers, blogs, company websites and even from conversations we overhear or have ourselves. Shark Bites is an entry post where I share recent articles, events and conversations with you. Feel free to comment at the very bottom of each post while indulging yourselves with new information. You’ll find that a bit of information a day will go a long way.



Honda’s ASIMO Robot Is Now Surprisingly Human

Honda’s remarkable humanoid robot, ASIMO, has come a long way since I first saw it stiffly walk across a stage more than a decade ago. The latest edition can run briskly, climb stairs with ease, dance like Travolta, kick a ball and jump up in down in what can only be described as a robot tantrum.

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Advice from the kickstarter millionaire club.

The article gives insight on tips having a successful kickstarter campaign. The writer also discusses common mistakes that start ups make in promoting their campaign.

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The managers one minute guide to brainstorming apps.

This article takes you through the steps required to brainstorm apps productively.

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Brands need to stop trying to play hero

Consumers befriend mentors that serve to help them achieve a goal, satisfy a desire or meet a need. Making your customer the hero of your brand’s narrative landscape empowers them.

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Facebook to make mobile users download Messenger

Facebook has begun notifying mobile users that they’ll no longer be able to text via its core app. Instead, they’ll need to download Messenger, the dedicated texting app Facebook rolled out in 2011.

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