Shark Bites – Week of February 23, 2015

We keep our eyes and ears open for new interesting information on a daily basis. Whether it’s a news article, a blog, a magazine piece, or even a conversation we overhear or have ourselves, if the information can help people, we’re on it. Shark Bites is a section where we share this information with you. After you’ve enjoyed a piece, feel free to comment at the very bottom of each new post. You’ll find that a little bit of new information per day will go a long way.


College Advice from 10 Business Executives and Entrepreneurs
From the classroom to the boardroom, find out ways to get ahead of the game and get the job right after you get that degree.

Check out the full article on Huffington Post.

I find ‘real New York’ nannies: Teen start-up founder
A New York teen creates a new startup business in the babysitting department. Check out the video to see how she got her foot in the door at an early age.

Check out the full article on CNBC.

How being bad at DIY inspired a successful start-up
Need a helping hand? Well then check out this article about the “Handy” business got its start-up and claim to fame.

DIY Picture
Check out the full article on BBC News.

The 15 Best Sneakers Spotted At the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend
These athletes got swag too. See what these all stars were sporting this past weekend in New York when it comes to their famous footwear.

Sneakers Photo
Check out the full article on 

7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science
Getting distracted by the things around you? Well then check out these tips to keep you focused no matter what’s on your plate.

Productivity Picture
Check out the full article on

The Man Behind Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Tic Tacs Dies
Italy’s richest man passed away this February. See Michele Ferrero’s undeniable success in the hazelnut chocolate business.

Nutella Picture
Check out the full article on Entrepreneur. 

Apple Wants to Start Producing Cars as Soon as 2020
Phones, music players, tablets, and now… cars? See how Apple wants to dive its way into the car business within the next five years.

Check out the full article on BloombergBusiness.


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