Shark Bites – Week of April 27, 2015

We keep our eyes and ears open for new interesting information on a daily basis. Whether it’s a news article, a blog, a magazine piece, or even a conversation we overhear or have ourselves, if the information can help people, we’re on it. Shark Bites is a section where we share this information with you. After you’ve enjoyed a piece, feel free to comment at the very bottom of each new post. You’ll find that a little bit of new information per day will go a long way.

Innovation of the week: RingCam
Looking to capture every moment? Well take a look at this innovative invention that doesn’t let you miss a single thing.
Ring Pic
Check out the full article at The Week

6 Eye-Opening Steps to Create Your Best Work Week Ever
Can’t quite get out of a little funk? Well check out this article on six steps that will make this week your best one yet.
Check out the full article at Huffington Post

Beyond the Tank
Excited for the premiere of Beyond the Tank? Well check out this promo on the follow up series that premieres this Friday, May 1st.

Check out the full article at ABC

6 Marketing Moves Small Businesses Can Borrow From Big Companies
If your small business is struggling with a marketing plan, check out these tips on how to compete with the big dogs and better your business.
Check out the full article at Forbes

Young Entrepreneurs Of The Week: Martin Jarvis And Sarah Jolley, Of Food Discovery Box
It’s never too early to start! Check out this article on these young entrepreneurs and how they have had their latest success.
Food entreprenuers pic
Check out the full article at Huffington Post UK

25 Entrepreneurs on Work Ethic and Passion
Your passion and work is what drives your business. Check out what these 25 entrepreneurs said about what has motivated them to not give up.
Passion Pic
Check out the full article at Search Engine Journal

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