Shark Bites – Week of May 11, 2015

We keep our eyes and ears open for new interesting information on a daily basis. Whether it’s a news article, a blog, a magazine piece, or even a conversation we overhear or have ourselves, if the information can help people, we’re on it. Shark Bites is a section where we share this information with you. After you’ve enjoyed a piece, feel free to comment at the very bottom of each new post. You’ll find that a little bit of new information per day will go a long way.


5 financial aid tips to help you choose the right college
Getting an education can be pretty expensive. Check out this article on how you can choose the right college with these quick budget tips.
College pic
Check out the full article at The Week

5 ways to sell yourself in a job interview
Trying to get that job, but the interview process is holding you back? Well check out these tips on how to improve your interview skills for that last step.
interview skills pic
Check out the full article at Business Insider

6 Desks That Will Make You Happier And More Productive At Work
These desks can really get your creative juices flowing! Check out this article on these unique desks that stray away from the normal office set up.
unique desk pic
Check out the full article at Huffington Post

6 Ways to Build a More Cohesive Team
A team is everything when it comes to running your business. Check out these tips to make sure you and your team has the same goals and plans when it comes to the business.
Team Pic
Check out the full article at Entrepreneur

25 Hot Los Angeles startups you need to watch
These startups are making their way in the business world! Check out these top 25 start ups in the busy city of Los Angeles.
Check out the full article at Business Insider

5 Ways to Maximize Your Personal Network
Networking is a crucial step in any business! Check out these five tips to build your personal network and make you unforgettable to other businesses.
Check out the full article at Entrepreneur

The $9 computer crushing Kickstarter right now
A nine-dollar computer is completely unheard of in 2015! Check out this video on how this microcomputer called “CHIP” is going to create a new computer experience.

Check out the full video at CNBC


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