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13 Brilliant Ideas That Turned These People Into Self-made Billionaires

Many of the Luxuries we enjoy today such as search engines, social media platforms such as Facebook and the go pro camera were once just billionaire ideas. Check out this article to see how these entrepreneurs turned their billion dollar ideas into reality.

GO PRO Billionaire Ideas

Check out the full article at Business Insider

Teens Are Downloading Jott Like Crazy

A new app, called Jott, is catching the attention of many teens. 31% of U.S. teens don’t have text messaging abilities at school. The solution to this problem is Jott, a messaging service that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios to allow students to connect from 100 feet away.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.21.15 AM

Check out the full article and full video at CNN Money

7 Things to do When Your Business is Hacked 

Incidents are inevitable in the world of business, but if your company has the proper preparation, the recovery period can go smoothly. Wade Woolwine, the manager of strategic services for Rapid 7, created a list of seven steps that businesses should take to help prevent incidents.

7 things to do when your business is hacked

Check out the full article at Network World

How to Respond When Asked, “Why Should I Do Business with You?” 

When dealing with your business and potential business partners, it is important to stay true to yourself, your brand, and your principles. Here are some beneficial conversation tips for meeting with prospective clients.


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Why So Many Teachers Are Leaving Arizona 

Thousands of teachers have left Arizona over the last few years, causing concern for the students who attend Arizona schools. This report from the state education department calls for an increase in pay for Arizona schoolteachers.

Arizona School Teachers

Check out the full article at the Phoenix Business Journal

Don’t Waste Money on These 4 Types of Marketing

An Entrepreneur in the Ecommerce realm takes great risks with investing time and money in online marketing and advertising and must be aware of the various digital social media outlets that do not help increase sales. Check out this article to find out what outlets you should avoid using when trying to bring traffic to your site.


Check out the full article at Entrepreneur

Apple Says “We hear you Taylor Swift,” Will Pay Musicians During Free Trial

Apple Music announced it will pay royalties to artists even during its three month free trial for users after Taylor Swift threatened to withhold her hit album “1989” from the service in protest. Apple will be paying an undisclosed royalty rate on a per stream basis to artist for the whole time that users spend on the free trial.

Apple Says we hear you Taylor Swift

Check out the full article at Tech Crunch

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