5 Business Pitch Tips to Land an Investor | Daymond John

Today, I'm talking about what makes a good pitch, what makes a bad pitch, and what types of pitches make me invest in entrepreneurs on and off of Shark Tank.

I always invest in the person and the pitch over the idea. So, yes - your business pitch matters!

If you want to learn to pitch like a pro, this video is for you! Oh, and before I forget.. if you want to hear more about perfecting your pitch, head over to https://dj.daymondjohn.com/pitch, my no cost training session for business owners, sales pros, and entrepreneurs. Learn to pitch like a true shark!

Watch the complete video to learn more about all 5 tips to improve your pitch here:


Show Notes:

  • 0:00: Start
  • 0:30: Tip #1
  • 1:24: Tip #2
  • 2:30: Tip #3
  • 5:06 Tip #4
  • 6:49: Tip #5



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