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In this segment of Powershift Your Week, you’ll learn about the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US, how to run two businesses simultaneously and the importance of casting your vote. You’ll also get to watch me and one of my Shark Tank investments chat about what it takes to run a successful business and why so many businesses fail after their first setback. 


This “Powershift Your Week” is presented by T-Mobile® for Business. Here’s a quick recap of today’s segments:

Did You Know: According to a report analyzed by Fortune, since 1997 the number of businesses started by black women skyrocketed 322%, making black women the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the US. Personally, I’ve always had the influence of a black woman on my businesses - my mom. In fact, I actually brought my mom to my first fundraising meeting.

Not many people would have done that, but I had a great resource at my hands - a trustworthy woman with common sense, intelligence and good intuition - and I used it! Having the advice and guidance of a black woman in my business was instrumental in its success, and I’m not surprised black women are taking entrepreneurship by storm. 

Motivation Mix: Check out today’s song, Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson - You can find it on the Powershift Your Week Motivation Mix on Spotify  → https://dj.daymondjohn.com/spotify

T-Mobile For Business Fan Q&A: Joshua Esnard from The Cut Buddy, and now Truffle Topia, joined me to discuss how he went from a Shark Tank contestant to owning two businesses! Joshua highlights the importance of being innovative, especially during COVID-19, to keep customers and draw in new ones.

He’s a great example of how you can run two businesses at once that fund each other, rather than compete against each other.

Check out The Cut Buddy and Truffle Topia on Instagram →  https://www.instagram.com/thecutbuddy/ and https://www.instagram.com/truffletopia/ 

Visit their websites → https://thecutbuddy.com and https://truffletopia.com

Challenge of the Week: Register to vote at vote.org. While I am not sponsored by this website or pushing a political agenda, I do stand firm in my belief that we all need to be voting.

The recent protests reminded me that not too long ago, people protested for women and people of color to have the right to vote. Whether you want to create and see change happen in life or in business, your vote does make a difference. If we aren’t casting our vote, we’re throwing away our voice!

I hope today’s fact, song, live Q&A and challenge empower you to keep striving for success within your own business, or in this case, businesses!

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