The Power Of Broke Community Series- How Empty Pockets, Chapped Lips and A Train Ride Bootstrapped A Business

Welcome to the next post in The Power Of Broke Community Series! I hope you had a chance to read last week's post on Dr. Elon Bomani.

Today's post is a video that was shot at the book launch party for The Power of Broke which took place at MIST Harlem in New York.

The post features Timothy George, CEO and Founder of eLo Organic LipCare. Timothy has accomplished an incredible amount in a short period of time, having moved to New York from Atlanta, Georgia only fourteen months ago! With no money, Timothy used the power of broke to get creative, hitting the train to pass out his samples and get feedback from potential customers. Now, 15 months later he has sold over 30,000 lip balms and is on his way to a very successful business.

 I hope you enjoyed the video! As always, I encourage you to join the conversation below and tell me what you thought.

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Have a great day! - DJ

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