1 Simple Tweak to Get Even More Sales... Faster From Your Content


My good friend Jon Marino (maybe you remember him from an episode of PowerTalks?!) and I were talking about creating content and I was really curious about how his clients were making content that actually helped them generate more MONEY. I love learning more about this stuff and I thought "Hey, this would be great content to help my community!"

So Jon wrote this guide for you to explain his tactics and strategies for getting more sales using content. You'll learn how

  • You can make more sales FASTER in a professional manner
  • How to actually generate sales from content (no sleazy hacks here)
  • How to use this strategy for affiliate marketing

So get ready to take those blogs you're writing and make them actually work for you...


Thanks, Daymond! Look... 

Are you looking to get even more sales? You are creating content online, and it’s not converting into customers and clients, is it?  


When sales do come in, are they trickling?  In enough volume?  

You didn’t start your business to make fewer sales, did you?

Are you getting an abundance of clients you LOVE?

Here’s a secret to level-up your sales process so you get even more sales faster… or so it starts working if you feel stuck in the mud.

And… if you haven’t got started, it will set you on the right track to get even more sales than you would have… 

Before I get into the secret I think it’s a fair use of your time to know what this is NOT… 

  • It’s not a ‘hack’,
  • It’s not a ‘trick’,
  • It’s not a ‘sleazy’,
  • It’s not ‘pushy’,
  • It’s not a ‘manipulation’, and 
  • It doesn’t even seem to be a ‘big’ idea.

It’s something you can easily insert into your sales process to get… 

More Sales Whether You Are Selling Your Own Products And Services… Or Someone Else's. 

You see -- 

Everybody knows that implementing processes can streamline the completion of any task. These processes bring about an efficiency and consistency to your business realized in total time saved… and… “time is money” as the saying goes. 

In the same way, when you integrate processes, you can boost conversions, close more deals, and get even more sales.  Plus, you can be rest assured your customers have a positive and consistent experience working with you.

Your sales process creation goal needs to change or enhance your prospect’s behavior in every step.  It needs to deepen the relationship you are forming with your prospective customer or client.

How are you going to change their buying behavior to get more sales…

Without Sounding Like A Sleazy Salesperson?

Imagine walking to the mall.  You pass a kiosk on the way to the food court, and someone shoves their products into your face.  

How’s that feel?  Think he’ll get more sales?

Does it make you want to buy their product?

Does it make you want to have a conversation with that person?

Of course not!

The sale happens when a salesperson influences you to like the product and not because they pushed you around in a corner.

There are several ways to influence your prospective customers and clients… The customer- and client-getting secret you’re about to learn is centered around the principle of ...

“Commitment And Consistency”

Before you can know how to use it… you have to know what it is.  

In “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini, a study on safe driving in the neighborhood is analyzed. Two communities with the same demographics were chosen for the study.  

The first community was asked to install a huge sign on their front lawn. The sign was so large that it obscured the view of the house.  It simply reads “DRIVE SAFELY.”

It was such a “BIG ASK” that only a few people agreed to it. The great majority of the residents in the area refused the request.

In the second community, the residents were asked to display a small postcard-sized sign on their window that read “DRIVE SAFELY”. It was such a trifling request that nearly all of them had agreed to it.  

After about a week, those who agreed to display the sticker were then asked to put the same big sign of “DRIVE SAFELY” on their front lawn. In this group, the result is quite favorable. The compliance rate was far higher than in the first community.

“Why Did This Approach Gain More Sales” 

Even though there was no money exchanged… a sale did happen.  It was the sale of an idea. 

Because a small compliance test was positioned just before the “BIG ASK”. The residents had innocently complied with a seemingly trivial safe-driving request.  They made a small commitment.  And then willing to comply with the BIG request in an effort to stay consistent.

Their behavior was changed from passive homeowners to “DRIVE SAFELY” supporters because of a small postcard in the front windows of their house.

Similarly, that is how selling works in the realm of digital marketing -- and at the mall kiosk!

You can ease the burden of such a large decision if you…

Start Small 

Ask the prospective customer or client to make a small decision, or take a small action. Once you have earned the customer’s commitment, you can seek greater buy-in… just like the “DRIVE SAFELY” signs.

For example, you could offer a free download on your site. The free download could deliver value (and it must!) … and then offer a product you are promoting.

Here are 3 possibilities of how you can approach your free download offer.

  1. Link directly to the free download on your site.
  2. Ask your prospect for an email address in exchange for the free download.
  3. Ask your prospect to click a button. The button opens a form where you can ask your prospect for an email address in exchange for the free download.

Each of these examples is effective in delivering value to your market. In all three cases, you get some sales. The difference is this…

In the first example, your prospect isn’t as invested as in examples 2 and 3. There is no way for you to follow up once they leave.

In the second and third options, you are likely to make more sales than example 1. Plus… you will grow your email list. Your email list allows you a means to follow up with your lead in an effort to …

Make More Sales Than You Would Have Otherwise Made!


The big takeaway is this…

When you get micro-commitments through your process… your prospect is more likely to stay consistent through the end of your sales process.

How do you incorporate commitment and consistency in your content or sales process?

In what ways can you imagine using this principle moving forward?

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