Thank you, and congratulations on checking out my  "The Power of Broke" interviews with Tim Ferriss, Steve Aoki, and Jay Abraham.  These videos hold some amazing value and I hope you take my candid talks with these three business and influencer powerhouses and learn form them. These guys have all achieve great success and these interviews go through exactly what they did to achieve it. By taking the first steps to even get access to these videos you are showing some great initiative in wanted to bring your business and life to the next level. Now watch these videos, learn, and put into action the lessons you learn. 

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is one of my favorite guys, he is a extremely intelligent entrepreneur all the way to his core. From being a  Best Selling Author, to being an early stage investor in some companies you may have heard of like Uber and Twitter and so much more. Tim has been through it all and when we sat down he held nothing back and explained alot.

Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is a very special person to me. Beyond being one of the fathers of direct response marketing, but he is also a mentor to me. Jay paved the way for so many entrepreneurs and marketers, being among the first to professionally speak and teach business techniques to mastering the art of direct response marketing, Jay really knows his way around finding success. 

Steve Aoki

My friend Steve has one of the best stories I've ever heard and this interview is truthfully one of the best because of how it was taped. When I was just starting to get the concept for "The Power of Broke" I actually ran into Steve outside my office and told him about my new book idea and we immediately agreed to talk on camera with me. He is a true example of operating the power of broke mindset. No matter how little or much success you have, you must look at every task and opportunity as if there is no choice but success. Steve is one of the best, I hope you enjoy this candid interview.