• Display of Power – Point of the Week

    This post was taken from Daymond’s weekly column on www.urbanworldwireless.com We are now part of one of the most important times in modern American history! As we say farewell to ’08 and welcome in ’09, change will surely come! Your finances, health, relationships and all other aspects of your life will change as well. This […]

  • Display of Power – Point of the Week

    NOTE: This post is taken from Daymond’s weekly column in www.urbanworldwireless.com Choose Your Words Wisely…Never take what words are said to you lightly and more importantly, choose the words you say even more carefully. The English language has a quarter of a million words in it. Each one of us utilizes between 5 and 10 […]

  • How to gain respect in the workplace

    Note: This post was taken from a blog Daymond wrote for CNBC.com

    Respect is something that takes a lifetime to gain. Not everybody will give it to you and not everybody deserves it. Usually it’s only in the final years of your existence that your peers and loved ones embrace the fact that you were worthy of their respect. More than likely, they won’t understand you fully until someone is reading the eulogy at your funeral. They will proclaim while pounding the pulpit that you were a person that deserved respect. If you are lucky enough to leave a large imprint in history than the normal person, then people will write about you for years and decades to come.

    Respect is something that has to be acquired by every new individual you meet, every new area in business you enter, every new dream you share, every new mate, friend, child, and stranger. Before I was able to apply it to my brands, I had to apply it to myself! Respect is so hard to gain and can be often taken away by one bad decision, or just as simple as a rumor or a lie that’s not in your favor.

  • Daymond Receives Praise From Russell Simmons and Rev Run

    FOX5 KVU profiles Daymond on his quest to become a mega mogul and develop his FUBU brand. Daymond also offers his advice to entrepreneurs.

  • Daymond Interview During Magic Show

    Russell Simmons and Rev Run speak about Daymond’s hard work and persistence with FUBU.

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