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How many times has this happened to you; you’re laying in bed at night, about to fall asleep. At the moment before you drift off you remember something important: a document you need for an early meeting tomorrow, an email you needed to send out, something you left at the office or any kind of work-place emergency. You know that you can either get up out of bed, going from the warm and cozy comfort and take care of business… or put it off until the next day and stay out of the cold. We’ve all had that happen, right?

Now ask yourself, what have you decided more often than not in the past? Did you get up and handle the things that needed your immediate attention? Or did you shirk your responsibility? And what was the effect? Were the consequences of the next day worth that extra hour of sleep?

You have to know that somewhere out there is a person who didn’t go back to sleep, who never went to bed at all that night. They just keep working. You have to ask yourself if you’ve prepared enough to meet the challenge that they are going to present you with.

  • Keith Eberhardt

    Fortunately, I cannot sleep until what I need to do gets done and finished. Most people misunderstand that done is not finished and having to deal with not achieving their dreams because they’re looking through the eyes of that’s impossible, will cause fatig, procrastination, and just straight up laziness. That is why you are important to me and everyone who is a dedicated entrepreneur, thank you for all that you’ve done, your time is appreciated.


    Daymond, I don’t know the meaning of the word, “sleep.” LoL I spend many nights awake working at accomplishing my goals, and being the best at everything I do. I spend sleepless nights perfecting my “brand” in order to reach the highest level of perfection, especially when it comes to my clients. Whenever I start a clients manuscript, I don’t sleep for approx. the first 96hrs. I make sure most of the work is done, then I might get between 1 to 5 hours sleep, then it’s back to the grind. I stay focused and committed.

  • Terrence

    This happens so much in today’s society, you would think we would get the hint and make a change. But for the most part, people dont really want to succeed or they are too afraid of what might happen when they do. If takes extra effort to get to where you want to be, no matter what the position is, instead of staying in bed that extra hours or 15 minutes, jump out of bed and get things handled and you’ll be one step closer to your goals. Im sure Daymond doesnt roll over and hit the snooze button very often if at all and look at where he is. I’ve fallen prey to this mindset myself, but I keep asking myself how bad do I want the goal and what will it take to get there. While we are asleep, there are 10% that are not and working on their goals!

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