‘Shark Tank’ contestants making millions

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Source: www.thrfeed.com

“Survivor” touts a $1 million grand prize and the winner of a season of “American Idol” winner can potential rake in millions, yet it’s ABC’s underdog reality show “Shark Tank” that arguably offers the most lucrative prizes for a typical contestant.

Below is list of entrepreneurs’ products pitched during the first eight televised episodes of the Mark Burnett series and how they are faring with (and in some cases, without) the sharks’ help. Here’s the report:

Life Belt (The Lifebelt Safety System)
Outcome: The entrepreneur, who refused a million dollar offer from the Sharks, just signed a 1.7 Million dollar deal with one large automotive dealership. With orders from national retailers (e.g. AutoZone and Hendrick Automotive) Rob is projected to make 30 million dollars by March 2010.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory (Sweet Potato and Chocolate Pecan Pies)
Outcome: Mr. Tod’s sales have tripled and he is currently opening a new retail location. Mr. Tod appeared on QVC and sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of his signature pies.

A Perfect Pear (A Jar of Tapenade)
Outcome: Susan’s retail sales have increased by 1,000% and she has been asked to sell her product on QVC.

Stress Free Kids (A Bestselling Children’s Book)
Outcome: Lori’s book, “The Angry Octopus” became one of Amazon’s top selling books and is now available in Borders bookstores nationwide.

Coverplay (Play Yard Liner)
Outcome: Amy and Allison are in final negotiations with the Marriott hotel chain, who is interested in carrying their Coverplay product in all their hotels worldwide.

Pork Barrel BBQ (Award Winning BBQ Sauce and Dry Rub)
Outcome: Before appearing on “Shark Tank,” Brett and Heath had their BBQ products in only three specialty stores, now they’re are in 300 supermarkets on east coast and will soon be available on the shelves of Costco. In addition to their retail success, Brett and Heath have also broken ground on their first Pork Barrel BBQ restaurant.

Treasure Chest Pets (Stuffed Animal with Hidden Compartments)
Outcome: Lisa recently closed a deal to sell her products online at “Bed, Bath and Beyond”, and in “Buy Buy Baby” retail stores.

Voyage Air Guitars (A Guitar That Folds in Half)
Outcome: After turning down a half million dollar offer from the Sharks, Jeff Cohen set out to make his unique folding guitar a household name. Now Jeff’s sales have doubled and he will have his guitar featured in 18 million catalogs e.g. Hammacher Schlemmer. Voyage Air Guitars are also in the hands of celebrity musicians like Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson.

  • http://www.gamerholic.com Anari V. Belpre

    Hey Mr. John,
    I thought the Voyage Air Guitar father and son entrepreneurs were right to refuse the offer, that was the second most innovative product on the show next to the self threading needle. I have to admit as an entrepreneur who has spent the last 2 years building my baby, the raw emotion of quit, resilience, ego, pride and love for the physical presentation of your imagination really comes through on the show. I really understood what the lady with the sports bra venture was going through.

    In anycase, I look forward to season two. I am confident once I reached my goal of $250K minimum, a web industry participant amongst the sharks will find it appetizing.


  • http://www.askxtreme.com Peter J Moran

    This is fantastic and it acts as a perfect “case in point” as to why ABC should renew this show. The impact these type of successes will have on their local economies is huge – All from the exposure of a great worth while show that can actually measure their impact against the greatest crisis our country has seen in years. How many TV shows can actually say that concerning “real value”. Love the I formation ! Love the show and thanks for updating us!!

    Peter J Moran

  • MarcJohn ‘MJ’ Galera

    These results prove that although we are in a state of collective economic struggle, there is still a strong demand for consumable goods. Understanding that and as the show itself provides a vehicle for its viewers to use to continually dream, tinker away, understand the different avenues/processes of bringing an idea/product to market and convert their mind to paper innovations, a second season is inevitably a must. Regardless of the imposing deliberation, I had submitted my intent to be a contestant with ABC’s Shark Tank_Season 2; should Kevin Harrington’s company not return my initiated calls of doing direct business first. With that said and should nothing arise with Reliant International, I will indeed be casting in hopes to pitch directly to ya’ll via air-wave television soon…

    Till then and with hopes that your inner spirit is well,

    ~MJ Galera

  • http://twitter.com/eM_J22 MarcJohn ‘MJ’ Galera

    First and foremost, thank you for corresponding back my way…

    A day lost is a day not gained… With that fundamentally known so that I may move forward with my developed IP accordingly, -will there be a second season of the Tank?


  • http://none Charlie Thomas

    Definitely a great show. Will there be a second season?Well of course.How could there not be with a show that’s inspiring, starts new businesses creates new jobs starts the wheels turning in millions of Americans.I predict a blockbuster. Love the show. Will change thousands of lives if not millions.Jump on it before the government starts trying to do something like it.

  • http://WebStarts.com/mpsosopublishingcompany MAXINE P. SOSO

    As far as I’m concerned, “Shark Tank” is by far one of the most interesting to watch, keep you interested in tuning in, keep you on the edge of your seat shows TV has ever seen. Plus, it is definitely the BEST show in this genre EVER in my opinion. This show had me sitting through bathroom breaks during commercials, SERIOUSLY. I love this show. I’m not going to call this a prediction, though I am really clairvoyant but I strongly believe that “Shark Tank” is going to become a regular scheduled program, IT”S THAT GOOD. I love Daymond with his usual 51 percent and, the way he has such a Diplomatic yet, suave laid back way about him as well as the serious look on his face, REAL SMOOTH, Daymond. This show is without a doubt a MAJOR HIT and that will be recognized.

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    Excellent updates! It made me eat my words – (thought the lifebelt dude was insane to turn down the offer but he believe in his product! I wonder how much of that $30 million is his)

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