Listen to my interview with Sara Shaw from The Entreprenette

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Yesterday I had a fantastic interview with Sarah Shaw from, which you can listen to on her site right now. The Entreprenette is aimed at helping women entrepreneurs get started in business, but the information can really help anybody, male or female.

During the interview we talk about my upcoming book, The Brand Within: How We Brand Ourselves From Birth To The Boardroom, The Shark Tank, and some great discussion about what it takes to succeed in business, and how to grow your own brand.  Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think.

  • Sharon Rowe

    I truly enjoyed this audio interview. I gained a lot of insight from it. I realize that success doesn’t happen over night. It can take a long time and a few failures, but with a plan and persistence a dream can become a reality.

    I thought about the comment you made in reference to the times that FUBU failed before its eventual success. What if you had given up? That is what propels me forward in everything that I’m doing now.

    I have to forge ahead so that I can look outside the window of “my” office in amazement one day or perhaps through the window of some upscale department store as I let it sink in that I’ve finally made it!

    I can’t thank you enough for being the inspiration that you are!! When my time comes (and it will) I plan to follow your example and pay it forward!!

  • Sarah Shaw

    Daymond – Thanks again for this great interview that’s so inspiring to so many who have heard it so far. Hope your book rocks the shelves!


  • Susan

    I feel much better hearing you speak of Healthy Paranoia. I’m healthy!

    You speak just as you appear (on Shark Tank). Your presentation is sharp. You sit quietly, listen and absorb. You are not the first to bite or show negativity.

    As an inventor and entrepreneur, I appreciate your compassion. You really seem to want to help or guide others to success. You were not afraid to admit failure.

    You are not hostage to your company…. great advice.

    An idiot for turning your home into a hotel and workplace? No, I don’t think so. I have heard you call yourself a marketing genius. That is who I hear and see.

    Thank you for your generous information!

  • Ros

    Like how you described your beginning as “idiotic”. Not the way you would’ve liked it to be, but that’s how you started. Good to know, because I sure do feel like things are idiotic sometimes. =)