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(This post was taken from Daymond’s weekly column for www.urbanwireless.com)

“I HEARD”…This week think about how many times people judged you, discarded you or disrespected you due to a rumor they didn’t have the actual facts about! How did you feel? Did you ever recover from it? Or did it not only hurt you, but your family and the ones you love as well?

Everyday you will be faced with facts and rumors. For example, this past week several facts have come out that will change our lives: 1. Congress passed an $800 billion dollar economic plan; 2. Bank CEOs faced Capital Hill to explain how they spent taxpayer dollars; 3. The Dow Jones Industrial dropped below 8000 points. Even though these facts will change how we live, the main topic in the news that people are forming opinions about is Chris brown and Rihanna!

The “fact” is that nobody besides those two individuals knows what happened that night and we need to consider that both of their reputations and careers that took years to build are on the line! Domestic violence is a tragedy no matter which person in the relationship throws the first blow. That’s why this serious situation shouldn’t be left up to speculation! Those with “TRUE POWER” know that the only absolute truth to a rumor is “I HEARD”. Please consider this before you judge without the facts, because we all know how it feels to be on the receiving end.

Have a great week.

-Daymond John

  • http://iloveyandex.com Uncoonsub

    Thank you!

  • http://N/A Felisha M.Palumbo

    i am more impressd every time i read a new concept or philosophy that Daymond
    Expresses because he is a living testament..i was fortunate enough to know him before all the success he has attained
    And i assure you that it is the key factor that he remains “Humble”and has the same warmth now as he did before..No doubt ..
    Daymond John will be talked about for a loooonnnggggg time..For Wat is Success without Longevity!!!

    SINCERLY/Felisha Merrill-Palumbo

  • http://twitter.com/sg10001000 Shaun Griffin

    Unfortunately, Mr John, perception is reality in the world we live in and only the collection of great mind of men and women will change this.

    As a culture we are too wrapped up in those TMZ shows, or Extra’s, etc…which blows me away because here we have a very basic Economic Principle wreaking havoc on our economy – the Principle-Agency Theory – these are grown, adult men and women who have been in business for years – they should know better (especially AIG)….If Chris is guilty, then he shall be judged one day, but it shouldn’t be by us.


  • Nadia Suliman

    There is no such thing as “Object Judgement”. People judge others based on their own experiences – and usually with limited information – they see what they want to see. Our society today gains pleasure from seeing the demise of another – apparently it makes good television therefore the behaviour is perpetuated by the very powerful media. Judgement comes with lack of understanding.

    When I was in University – I would get out of answering questions asked by my professors by saying “I am sorry sir but I don’t have enough information to give you an intelligent answer or opinion” Though it was really and excuse :-) for not knowing the answer to the question back then. I still use the statement but now with knowing that the opinion I am about to give is based on limited information and my answer may affect someone therefore I choose my words carefully.