The Sharks Teach Harvard Business School Students

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Daymond, Mark Cuban, and Robert Herjavec visited Harvard Business School to teach business lessons the way that only Sharks could!

Through a Q&A, the Sharks and professors identified where the show’s entrepreneurs made mistakes and where they succeeded. Along with professors Deepak Malhotra and Noam Wasserman, the Sharks showed how watching the show Shark Tank can be an educational experience for learning key business lessons that you can’t discover by reading a text book.

If you’re a teacher, professor, or student that uses “Shark Tank” in the classroom, let us know in the comments below.

  • Damon

    Was this Q&A recorded? And will it be made available to the public? I need to see this! Thanks!


  • Becky Lucid

    I have said ever since reading both of Daymond John’s books that he is a brilliant teacher. I think one of the best books an inventor or entrepreneur can read is “The Brand Within” by Daymond John as well as “The Display of Power”. If you can only afford one book buy “The Brand Within”! You won’t be disappointed! Also his books make great Christmas presents!

  • Vicki Ruth Jones

    I love reading Display of Power! Does anyone know the next event Mr. John is going to be at I would love to attend and ask him alot of questions. I can’t believe I missed out again I live in Boston but had no clue that the sharks were going to be at HBS.


  • Emilio Chenault

    Excellent writing! Thank you for this wonderful source of business information.