Daymond to appear on the Mo’ Nique Show

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Be sure to catch Daymond on The Mo’ Nique Show on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010. Daymond will be promoting his second book, The Brand Within, in addition to the relaunch of the FB line in the united States. The Mo’ Nique Show airs weeknights on BET at 11pm.

  • Ron Brown

    Hello Mr.John, my name is Waljeron Brown I am a 34 years old. I have owned a few companies in my day but there was only one I loved. I owned a mortgage company in Atlanta, GA. I had never been so happy or had so much success in my life. I lived in a 700,000 dollar home, I owned Escalades and BMW’s, went on exotic trips and had a tremendous amount of savings.I wouuld average about 25,000 a month in salary, but I worked extremlely hard for my clients and I enjoyed the 18hr days and working every weekend. This wortk ethic is what made all of my dreams come true. In Febuary of 2007 the realestate market crashed and so did everything I worked for. It has been 3 years of working all types of dead end jobs that have resorted to layoffs and financial stress. Through dedication and hard work I have manged to rebound some aspets of my life. I am married to a beautiful wife we have a nice home and hope and faith for the future. I am an ambitious and intellegent man, God did not put here to live a regular 9-5 existance. I would like to work for you and FUBU. I have never done anything like this before but if you want your life to be diffrent don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I want to work very hard to get myself and my family to where we are suppose to be. (the very top)……404-396-4082 is my cell and I will out work anyone at your company on any given day because my heart and soul won’t rest until you say that I am the best investment you ever made in a person.

  • Gia Yee-Lozicki

    Hi Daymond – it’s Gia

    Hope all is well with you.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you on the Mo’Nique Show tomorrow promoting, The Brand Within. I’m certain it will be filled with the ‘advice’ I was asking for when I first Facebooked you about my ‘Shoe Angels’ invention and product line.

    My partner Deb and I are still in forward motion with our ‘Angels’, and your new book is perfect timing.

    I just took advantage of the pre-order offer, and will be excited to receive both of your books (along with your personalized autographed photo:)).

  • Sam Aguirre

    I use to manage a fortune 500 company. I have connections for a new product in place in the now Billion dollar company. I am looking for Daymond to contact me for his China connections. I will make hime even richer.

  • amador realestate

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